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Established in 2018, Summitsphere is an independent, international development studio with a simple mission: make modern classics unlike anything you've seen before. Started by a group of longtime friends, our team focuses on crafting new experiences with a sense of familiarity, wrapped up in a bow of endearing characters and incredible worlds. We grew up with the games of the 90s but keep a keen ear to the ground for the latest innovations in the field - what's a modern classic without some trailblazing?

Although we create original titles, one of our primary pillars is reviving and revitalizing classic games with the respect and care they deserve. We’re not only developers, but fans too - and we know what it takes to get it right.

An explosive ode to handheld platformers of yesteryear... blown up and refined for the modern era!

ANTONBLAST is an explosive, action-packed retro platformer featuring a destructive twist to classic gameplay and a lovingly hand-animated pixel aesthetic inspired by the Game Boy Advance, blown up and reimagined for the modern era!

Silky smooth 60fps action platforming and explosive escapes combine in a bombastic adventure. Blast through buildings, fight your demons, and explore wonky worlds in ANTONBLAST!



Get ready to play with your balls!

The breakout title from Summitsphere, Antonball Deluxe is a retro, high-octane smorgasbord of brickbreaking arcade action! Starring a little red man named Anton - Boiler City’s top exterminator - Antonball Deluxe quite literally turns the breakout genre on its head, blending traditional brick-breaking gameplay with tight, intense platforming.



Underground ping pong with an athletic twist!

After a long night on the town, Anton's struggling to find his way back home. You'll have to help Anton out by using your balls to break the bricks!
You'll also run into pesky Ballbusters during your adventure together. Get rid of them by smacking them with your balls, or hitting them from behind!